Our grand opening ceremony,

complete with ribbon cutting.

Thanks to Robbinsville Council Members

for coming and supporting our school!

Hours of Operation:

In light of the relocation process please contact us for times and scheduling. Call us with any questions.

Bear with us as we go through some positive changes. We are in the process of relocating. Stay tuned for details on dates and new location. All good things are happening! Thank you for your patience, and your loyalty!

Offering Traditional martial arts in Burlington County.


Master Chris Serras,

and Sifu Dave Zaleski

We offer special discounts to military, law enforcement, fire fighters, EMS/EMT, and veterans.

Call for your free 2 day of trial lessons   (609) 789-9400.  

Our program introduces and instructs students how to manipulate, lock, and control an opponents joints with minimal effort. 

We teach a variety of traditional Chinese martial arts weapons to help to improve eye hand coordination, reflexes, and timing.

Joint Locks


 Martial Arts for Children and Adults in Burlington County, NJ

​Traditional Wing Chun is taught here at the Iron Crane Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy.  We continue to pride ourselves on passing down this traditional lineage from one generation to the next.  

Iron Crane Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy martial arts studio in Burlington County offers a wide variety of  classes.