William Cheung

At Iron Crane Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy we teach students to develop their minds and bodies.  We use our heads to think first, our mind and mouth to de-escalate a situation, and our hands and feet to leave before we have to use Wing Chun. Why? Wing Chun is not for sport. It is a realistic combat self defense martial art.Our ranking structure is designed for motivation and achievement purposes. We do not enter tournaments. We are a strictly self-defense oriented school as our lineage teaches us.

Fung Do Dak

Leung Yee Tai

Ng Mui

William Cheung

Wong Wah Bo

Traditional Red Boat Wing Chun Kung Fu

Bruce Lee

Five Elders

Dr. Leung Jan


Leung Bik

Yim Wing Chun

Sifu David Zaleski has been accepted as a closed door student of Master Serras.  In continuing to pass on Traditional Wing Chun principles and techniques.   

Bak Mei.

Ip Man

Master Chris Serras and Sifu David Zaleski.

Southern Shaolin Temple

Leung Bok Chau

Leung Lan Kwai

Famous actors who have studied Wing Chun in order to have more authentic fight scenes in their movies include: Bruce Lee, Robert Downey Jr., Christian Bale, and Keanu Reeves.

Mui Hin

Chris Serras


Chan Wah Shun

Ip Man

Jee Shin See Si